Friday, June 02, 2006

Shortening Reviews

For those who frequent this little site, you may have noticed that the updates have been non-existent as of late. It's not that I've stopped watching Bad Action Movies, far from it. Lately I've watched more bad action movies than I have time to review. So, a decision has been reached. Reviews are going to start becoming shorter.

We will continue to have the sections Overall Rating, Why We Rented It, and Our Synopsis. The Our Synopsis section will now contain spoilers, because frankly I find it much more enjoyable to review a movie and talk about all of the bad parts contained therein. You can't comprehend how truly bad a movie is until you examine the Hulk-sized holes and absurdity of the plot.

Sorry to those who don't want their experiences ruined. I'll be sure to mention at the beginning of every Our Synopsis that: "we will now be spoiling the movie for you, so you should stop reading now if you don't want this to happen."

Thanks, and happy watching!


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