Sunday, April 09, 2006


The Bad Action Film Society (TBAFS) was originally created on February 29, 2004 by two great men, now simply referred to as Craiye and Stu. Their intent was to watch at least one bad action movie a week, and this objective was fulfilled for many, many weeks. After a couple of months it was determined that reviews of these bad action movies should be produced, if only to document the true badness (and, in most cases, accidental funniness) of these bad action movies. After a couple of reviews had been written, it was then decided that a website should be produced to alert the public about bad action movies and all of their glory (ALL of it!). It was then determined that this would be too much work. Since that time, Craiye has gotten himself engaged, leaving Stu with too much free time and a lot of bad action movies to watch himself. Now, once again, the idea emerges for a website dedicated to reviewing bad action movies. But this time, a medium is available that is easy to both use and manage: this blogger thing! Someday a real website may be created, but for now enjoy the reviews of your favorite bad action movie, written by TBAFS!

Some interesting tidbits of trivia regarding TBAFS:

  • TBAFS was originally called Bad Action Movie Sundays (because we watched bad action movies and it was usually on Sundays). Creativity is not our strong suit. Check out our old logo:
  • The first movies ever watched and reviewed by TBAFS were The Last Siege and Death Race 2000
  • TBAFS began on February 29th (Leap Day for those of you not familiar with the calendar).
  • TBAFS went on Spring Break in 2004 but was still able to watch a bad action movie for the week (Jurassic Park II in Bozeman, MT)
  • TBAFS has yet to go to the theater to specifically see a bad action movie.
  • Thus far, the actor that has appeared in the most TBAFS-reviewed bad action movies: Antonio Sabato, Jr.


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